Hello! My name is Anna and I am a professional photographer with more than ten years of experience. I am shooting with the professional camera Canon and a film camera. I also used to work as a photographer in the Dramatic Theater, so I was involved in different production as a photographer and I made portraits of leading actors. 

Now I live and work in Los Angeles. I like my photographs to be sunny and authentic. I work in following genres: 

Kids photoshoot, 
Family photoshoot,
Love story,
Pregnancy photoshoot

My exhibitions:
2007 - art-cafe «Meduza», personal 
2009 - art-cafe «Vihod» collaboration project with an artist Alexandra Petrovskaya «Spring, - push to madness»
2013 - art-club «Yula» collaboration project with Irina Rogava 
2016 - personal exhibition at the theatre 

If you have any questions about collaboration, photoshoots and publication of my photographs etc, please email me:










my instagram is @atokolova